What Makes a Great Board Member?

A great board member is a dedicated volunteer who is aware of their role as a spokesperson for the organization, the association and its mission. They are not afraid to speak up and ask tough questions during board meetings, and share their knowledge with board members and take on the role of a leader in committees. They also look for opportunities to improve their governance abilities and acquire new ones through workshops and classes on leadership.

A great board member is aware of the time commitment needed to serve on a board. They plan ahead and make it a point to attend all committee and board meetings. They are active in their committees, and they offer feedback and assistance as needed. They also search https://boardroomparty.com/ for ways of making the board more efficient, including making use of tools like scheduling software and platforms that allow for simple document sharing.

The most important quality of a good board member is their ability to exercise good judgment. They don’t let small issues to derail a meeting or distract the organization’s missions. They can be able to see the big overall picture and provide a perspective from the outside, which is crucial for making the right decisions. They also have a great perception of the industry’s overall, which impacts strategy options, M&A opportunities, hiring and firing and fundraising, legal issues and organizational design decisions. Wisdom is cultivated through experience, failures and intuition. Without it, board members will cause harm to your company.

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