What Is a Virtual Dataroom?

Virtual dataroom, also referred to as VDR is a cloud-based storage facility that allows companies to safely share sensitive data over the Internet with third-party organizations. It also aids in due diligence for M&A virtual data room transactions such as debt syndication and venture capital and private equity deals, and more.

The best data room online makes it easy for any business to access and understand important documentation even if they’ve no previous experience using digital platforms. They provide 24/7 support via various channels including live chat on the app, by phone, email, as well as instructional videos. Many modern providers also offer responsive mobile applications. In addition to their convenience of using the application, a lot of VDRs include advanced functions that improve efficiency and security such as redaction, fence view, and multi-factor authentication.

VDRs are extensively used in various industries for different reasons. Legal firms depend on them to share confidential documents with clients, lawyers as well as other third parties involved in litigation, M&A, and other business transactions. Financial institutions and banks use them for document-sharing with investors, as well as pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies for sharing the results of clinical trials as well as intellectual property.

For companies that are looking to move into the next phase of development and growth, a data room online is often essential for due diligence during the M&A transaction. Many VDRs offer detailed information on documents and user activities, which is helpful for M&A teams in the sale process. They can also enable a company to gauge the amount of interest shared documents are generating with potential bidders and their advisors.

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