How to Have a Great Board Meeting

There is no doubt that running a board meeting can be a time-consuming and frustrating job. If your meetings lack focus, structure or energy, it could cost you in the form of missed opportunities and decreased productivity. There are a few easy steps you can do to ensure your directors are involved and take part in a productive board meeting.

At least once a year Review Your Meetings

Gathering feedback is among the most effective ways to improve your meetings. After a few meetings, ask your board members to take two sticky notes and write “+” on the parts which were satisfactory and “-” on the areas that could be improved. Then, ask them to stick the notes onto a poster that they can place next to the door and let everyone determine what needs to be altered.

Manage Your Time

Keep your meetings brief to allow for a meaningful discussion and making decisions. Avoid including lengthy reports or “have to” items on your agenda. Instead of delving into the detail that is already circulated in your board book you might consider breaking it down into smaller topics for discussion or having your directors conduct their own research and come to the meeting with questions to discuss.

Board meetings can also be a chance to increase the team’s energy and encourage action. By adding “mission moments” to the meeting -the time when board members can hear testimonials or stories about how your company is making an impact on people’s lives — can be an immense boost in energy for the entire group.

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