How to Conduct Effective Virtual Board Meetings

If you’re using a board management software, ensure that it offers secure document storage. You should ensure that all members of your organization have access to secure information they handle including financial reports, to documents that govern the organization. Consider implementing a portal software which allows members to comment on and share documents prior to meetings or even during meetings.

It is essential to communicate clearly in advance of the meeting to remind board members about the meeting as well as any required documents. The agenda and all supporting materials a week before the meeting so that everyone has time to review them and be prepared for the meeting. Affording feedback from your board prior the meeting is a great idea. This gives you the opportunity to address any concerns that may arise.

Virtual boards are comprised of a variety of people with competing schedules and commitments. If possible, schedule virtual meetings at times when the majority of the members are available. Avoid early mornings, late nights and frequent breaks. If that’s not possible try using a computer-based scheduling tool to find a an appropriate time to meet for the most people possible.

It is essential to establish some guidelines for virtual meeting etiquette. For instance it’s recommended to turn off your microphone when you’re not speaking and conduct meetings in a quiet location without distractions. It’s also helpful to have a designated minutes keeper for every virtual meeting, who will keep the discussion focused and note all motions and discussions verbatim.

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