The New Era of Business Software and Reporting

When you hear the words “business software” and “reporting,” binders full of charts, spreadsheets and footnotes might spring to your mind. There are conference rooms that are filled with executives trawling through slides. What’s missing from these images is the opportunity to generate value for businesses.

This is changing thanks to a handful of digital technologies that are collaborating to reshape the future of reporting. Machine learning and cognitive technology will do much of the tedious work of collecting data, making reports, and then distributing them. That leaves human workers free to pursue more exciting tasks.

Utilizing pricing based on usage can also help teams get more value from their data. This model allows companies to better match the value of data with their expenditures by reducing the cost of accessing it.

To succeed in the Age of Connected Work, software companies must reconsider the principles that drive the way they design, build, distribute and price their tech blog products. The winners in this new era will redefine what it means to be a product-driven company in the fullest sense of the word and will use their products as engines for acquiring customers retention, growth, and even expansion. This will require a renewed tactical focus and a willingness to expand “as-a service” offerings beyond fees for membership. It will also require the incorporation of PLG principles into how they design, construct, and deliver their products. To stay ahead of their competitors, companies will have to create a robust ecosystem that includes strategy, stewardship, and architecture, along with governance, which will make use of data.

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