How to Manage Developers In A Remote Team: The 7 Strategies for Success Remote Recruitment Agency

Each of the tips above fall into the category of simple but not easy. And you’ll be more equipped with the battle gear necessary for navigating the murky waters of change. Your employee might not be underperforming because they’re lazy or incompetent—they might have obstacles getting in their way. For example, they might be sitting in Zoom calls for 4+ hours per day, slowly losing their soul to video fatigue. You could work with them to remove non-essential meetings and free up their schedule. A simple “thank you” or a quick round of applause can do wonders for your team’s confidence and engagement.

This may seem like overkill, but for managers and teams new to remote working, this is key. Be proactive about congratulating your employees when they do something right. This could be as simple as recognizing a professional way they handled a troublesome customer, or it could be taking the time to acknowledge the consistent work a team member’s been putting in. Include families to help your team members get to know more about each other. Post-COVID-19, get your teams together for in-person gatherings.

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For successful remote collaborations — not just for the next couple of weeks, but for the long haul. When considering what benefits to offer your fully-remote SEO team, it is unlikely one-size-fits-all will work across geographies. You may also want to provide a stipend for setting up a home office in a comfortable, ergonomic way. Think of what your team may be lacking due to not coming into a shared office space regularly.

  • Our carefully vetted and highly skilled remote workers are ready to take your business to the next level, no matter where you’re located.
  • If it’s obvious that this isn’t necessary, we might skip this step, though it’s often a good way to get a feel for working together even for great candidates.
  • This is a great way to build up trust and accountability in your team.
  • So you can explain your ideas and/or goals more effectively and establish a stronger connection with your remote development team.
  • When you manage remote devs, being Agile will help you improve how you communicate, work together as a team, and deliver projects based on market feedback.
  • A different study conducted by Digitate discovered that a negative onboarding experience results in new hires being 2 times more likely to look for a different opportunity.

If you make the cut, you’ll gain access to a variety of high-quality, well-paying freelance opportunities. While the entry process is more demanding, it’s a great platform for experienced professionals looking for top-tier freelance work. As the name suggests, Freelancer is a platform designed for freelancers to find jobs in areas like writing, design, marketing, and coding.

Best Practices for How to Lead Remote Teams

We use the hiring management tool TalentWall, so we can hire collaboratively, maintain transparency throughout the duration of a search, and ensure that candidates are receiving timely check-ins. If there are certain times and days they are not available, they should notify you beforehand. Often unavailability is because of personal reasons such as childcare or doctor appointments.

How to find a remote team

Several years ago, some businesses gradually began their digital transformation. With cloud-based technology and agile systems already in place, they are able to adapt quickly to the inadvertent shift to remote work structures today. You’ll be able to see when technicians arrive and leave job sites – and keep a record of exactly how long they are spending there.

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You must understand what positions you need to be filled before diving into hiring remotely. Hiring remote team members is a great way to find the best talent outside your company’s commuting radius. Alternatively, team-building software like Gatheround makes it easy for your company to host a social. You’ll let your hair down and get to have a few giggles with your colleagues. Remoteworkers allows you to directly apply to companies offering remote positions, which means you will communicate directly with your potential employer without any third parties. Similarly to other platforms, you can filter by job category and location.

There’s also rising concern about how people in the team would embrace the company culture without physically interacting with each other. Due to the lack of physical interaction, many managers find it difficult to bridge the communication gap between team members. This ends up creating a lot of misunderstandings and miscommunications. A lot of people love the idea of being able to work from home and are embracing it with open arms. Working from home can be particularly tricky for new parents who are tackling the task of bringing a new child into the world while working in the same space. Remote workers should be entitled to the same benefits as office-based workers with the option of paid maternal or paternal leave.

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Check that your remote team understands what’s expected of them when you provide those guidelines. Keep track of your team with communication tools that enable instant messaging, live chats, video calls, file sharing, and collaboration. You can use popular platforms such as Skype or Zoom or use a more streamlined channel like Slack or Microsoft Teams. Indeed, handling a remote team will not be a walk in the park for you.

How to find a remote team

The power of a strong company culture cannot be undervalued when you start hiring remotely. Moreover, clear feedback mechanisms also help make sure that all members of your remote team have an equal understanding of what is being asked of them. This will ensure that no one feels left out in terms of responsibilities or feels like they’re working harder than others on the same project. Tracking work and worker’s productivity has been one of the greatest challenges for managers. Without knowing how much someone accomplishes in days, weeks, or even months it becomes difficult to tell if they’re being underutilized or overworked when working remotely. Consider using cryptocurrencies – The rise of technology and the digital world has transformed the world of finances as we know them.

Ensure Smooth Onboarding

Healthy and engaging company culture is an essential component to managing remote teams effectively. Company culture is a huge part of how you manage your remote team. If your company has an unhealthy or disengaging environment, it’s going to affect everyone on the payroll. We will discuss how to hire remote teams how to hire a remote team effectively and manage them through effective communication strategies. We will also talk about everything from hiring online to set the right expectations and to creating an optimal working environment that benefits all parties involved. Another way to manage remote teams is by creating team-building activities.

But it’s a fair question, and one way to help answer it is to look at your tools. At Atlassian, we use Trello, Confluence, Jira, Slack, Zoom, and a host of others. But whatever the tool, it’s all about how you use them and being transparent about what you’re working on and when, and sharing all of it with your team and stakeholders. Nowhere is motivation more important than while working in a location-independent environment.

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If the SEO team is fully remote but operates within a larger organization that isn’t, you may see your team pressured to visit the office more often than they would like. Managers of international teams will need to remember that there can be significant differences in how you treat employees depending on the country they reside. Remote teams function in different ways, each with benefits and challenges.

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