Yemurai Classics

We specialize in autobody repairs, vehicle service and maintenance. suspension repairs, and general vehicle and maintenance.

Yemurai Classics Autobody is led by professionals with extensive experience in the field of utomotive marketing and sales.

We realize that you lead a busy life, so we have made it easy for you to drop off your vehicle.
Car interior and tools for dry cleaning, detailing. Vehicle washing, thoroughly care of automobile, chemical and vacuum clean service

Yemurai Classics’ management team is dedicated to the business’ success by implementing its vision; to become the best company in Zimbabwe’s automotive sector, delivering the best autobody solutions. We also provide branding services for any customer’s company cars, school buses, tucks, and vans based on their demands.

More About Yemurai Classics

Mission Statement

To be the best Autobody Specialist underpinned
by unsurpassed quality customer service on time every time


To be come the best company in Zimbabwe’s automotive sector, offering the best autobody solutions.


  • Trust
  • Creativity
  • Staff Rights
  • Believe In Our Mission
  • Customer Satisfication
  • Supporting Leaders To Achieve Vision


  • Continuous Progress
  • Customer Satisfication
  • Respecting Time Frames
  • Autobody Provider Development
  • Best Solutions for Any Automotive Problems

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What We do

We are Qualified & Professional

Were specialize in repairs, rebuilds, vehicle servicing and maintenance, suspension repairs, and general vehicle maintenance. We also sell car body kits, mag rims, and other automotive parts.

Car Detailing

We specialise in auto detailing and we love our job, cars are our passion and what better way to feed this passion than auto detailing. For our team there is nothing better than restoring, enhancing, protecting and then carefully maintaining a vehicles appearance.

Removed car seats, car dry cleaning, detailing. Vehicle washing, thoroughly care of automobile, chemical and vacuum clean service

Autobody Repairs

We carry out all types of body-work repairs from minor cosmetic scratches and dents to severe accident damage on all makes and models of cars of both saloon and heavy commercial vehicles.

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Utilizing the latest diagnostic equipment our  mechanics can repair and/or maintain your steering system, car suspension, and wheel alignment to keep you and your vehicle on the road for a smooth ride.



We specialize in Buffing some of the top auto-mobiles, however, we treat each and every vehicle we Detail with extreme care and devotion, to ensure we exceed every expectation of our clients.

Man hands holding the work tool polish the car.Buffing and polishing car. Car detailing.

Imagine Your Car Like New Again

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